inicio. beginning.

I found the Portuguese word for beginning on a blog after I fell in love with a fish.

This being my first entry for my new blog, I decided to use it. And the fish?

This was Not Just Any fish but a whimsical fish. Someone pinned a photo to Pinterest. I fell in love and decided to click back to its origin. (This process reminds me of Alice plunging down the rabbit hole. More about Alice later.)

I discovered Matilde Beldroega and found two fish. Delightful!

A month ago, my new friend, K, asked what inspires me. I thought about that. Then I started coming up with a list. Not a complete list. The possibilities for inspiration are limitless; what can limit me is my unwillingness to see.

These fish inspire me.

Image of NanaAnd the sweet doll clothes that my grandmother (my Nana, whose photo accompanies this post) made for my mother when she was a little girl. I still have them.

Heirloom details, such as tucks and lace, from old children’s clothes inspire me.

Fabric can, too. I will see a particular print or texture, and imagine right then how to use it.

The other night, I was riding BART and thinking about making cloth dolls. I became fascinated with calves and shoes and cuffs.

O! and the view of San Francisco Bay out my kitchen window inspires me with its ever-changing colors.

What inspires you?

xo, Nancy


5 thoughts on “inicio. beginning.

  1. Congratulations on your new beginning and may I say, we’ll done! I followed your link and loved the fish I found there, they are too cutie to not want one!

  2. Nacy, beautiful new start. I love it’s playfulness, and all your inspirations and of course, Nana’s picture. Good luck my friend! and I loved the little fish too. 🙂 Oh! you and puppies inspire me.

  3. I’m inspired by nature always… by my dogs, my husband, my courageous clients… and by YOU! Congratulations on this new online space you;re creating. I look forward to following you here. xoxo

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