inspiration. and more.

photo of momma with Nana, uncle john

My mother (the child on the right in the group photo) was my first sewing teacher. And so much more. What I know of sewing applies to life. And to prepare me for life, Mom started me off with adopting a positive attitude, perseverance, and curiosity. She also prepared me to grow spiritually. She does so to this day.

I have vivid memories of her patience with me when I was starting out. We sewed doll clothes for Barbie, troll dolls, and others.

photo of my momma

My memory includes being encouraged to use the ‘big’ sewing machine and read the patterns on my own.

I marvel now at her confidence in me when I was so young. And now I have come full circle, using my sewing skills to express myself in a way unmatched in excitement. I enjoy photography, sketching, reading. But I love to sew.

What a gift! Thank you, Momma!


xo, Nancy


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