tiny stitches. much love.

The lovely bride in the photo is my grandmother. My father’s mother. We called her Grandmother. Very proper. She, along with Nana and Mom, instructed me in proper sewing from a very early age.

photo of grandmother wilson with six bridesmaids

Every time I take up needle and thread to do handwork, Grandmother’s instruction about tiny stitches comes to me. She told me that her mother would not abide large or irregular stitches and made little Ruth Hazel remove all of them if her work was not up to standard.

I remember feeling a twinge upon hearing this story. I knew that the handwork I was able to create at the time would not have passed muster. Was I six years old? nine? O, the influence that story carried.

To this day, I feel her love. And remember stories she told that I know now carried more than just memories of her up-bringing. They helped prepare me for Life.

Each of the items I sew require some handwork. I make tiny, practiced stitches in her honor. And smile.

What skill did you learn early in life that, when you use it today, makes you smile in the memory of learning it?

xo, Nancy


One thought on “tiny stitches. much love.

  1. French knots. When I wind the embroidery thread around and around, 3 times and poke the needle back through, I think of my Grandma Millie. I’d stay with her for a few weeks every summer, on the farm outside of Oakland, Iowa. French knots were the accent stitch on all the white flour sack towels. I still have a set from back then. The very best dish drying towels ever!

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