put that in your bonnet!

I sew for dolls. I sew for babies (front bonnet in photo). I sew dolls for babies, too. My ‘work’ makes me smile. I used to shy away from telling people what I do because it seems to need a lot of explanation.

photo of 2 baby bonnets “Real babies?” friends ask. Yes, I smile. Little people. My friends may be confused because I started out costuming dolls. (That took a lot of explanation as well, all by itself. “Dolls?” people would ask.)

Well, yes. And when I meet people who get it, who get me, the greatest conversations take place. I’ve made new friends, and heard wonderful stories of dolls and grandmothers and mothers and sewing and learning to sew.

I have met other sewists, like me, who love fabric. Just to see it, touch it, and imagine what it might become.

My best friend and I both sew. We discuss sewing challenges along with life challenges, what we’re grateful for, and our families. I call her “C” and she calls me “N.” When I get stuck, I call her. She’s an amazing seamstress who works in adult size.

When we get to feeling like we want to make a trip to one of our favorite fabric shops, we confer about how to make it work with our schedules. C will make a suggestion and then add, “put that in your bonnet and let it swirl around.” Decoded, it means our decision can wait.

The idea swirled around in my bonnet for a short time to resume writing. And then I knew it was time. Time to get my thoughts out and jot them down.

Thanks for joining me!

xo, Nancy


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