eight layers of tulle

Tulle. Defined on dictionary.com as thin, fine net made of nylon, rayon, acetate, or silk.

Not included in most definitions is that it feels like whipped egg whites. I find it prone to static electricity, hard to cut straight, turns on itself, sticks to me, sticks to itself (along the cut edge), and needs protection from my iron with a press cloth.

clip art photo of bride

For those of you who recognize the term tulle, you know this frothy fabric from evening dresses, wedding veils, and fancy hats.

Not to be confused with netting. Netting has a coarser weave and stiffer hand.

photo of blue and turquoise ball gownMy commission, to create a replica of a ball gown worn by my client (the ivory and turquoise gown in the photo on the left) for a doll that is one-quarter her size,  requires an eight-layer petticoat to hold its shape. The original had eight layers of netting.

For any replica I’ve made, an important rule stands. As the size of the garment shrinks so must the scale of the fabric used. The scale for this project is 1:4, so netting is not right.

This brings me to my Sunday project, sewing eight layers of tulle to create a replica petticoat to be worn underneath the replica of the lovely, beaded ivory and turquoise gown.

Frothy, mind-of-its-own, white tulle.

My ALL DAY Sunday project!

xo, Nancy


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