one little petticoat

photo of tulle layers basted together

It has been a month since I last spoke about the woes of tulle.

To add to my woes, lurking self-doubt and a wicked sore throat slowed my pace.

photo of doll-size petticoat on work surface

Now I’m happy to say that the plan to baste the layers of tulle together worked! Even with that preparation, the tulle still shifted. Next time, I might cut the pieces of tulle larger to account for the shifting during the process of basting and the required trimming afterward.

With the help of some of my favorite tools ~ in this case the rotary cutter aligned with a T-square ~ I trimmed the tulle. With a nice, even edge, I was able to stitch the tulle to the organdy yoke.

photo of doll-size petticoat

The result pleases me. I’m still reflecting on the delays that hold me back from moving forward with creative projects. Most of all, it is Resistance. I know about it, what brings it up.

I found two books on the subject that are really good. One is Creative Thursday; the other The War of Art. I wish my courage to work through Resistance wouldn’t take quite so long.

Maybe next time.

photo of doll-size petticoat on doll





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