ballerina. priceless.

tiny ballerina before

A friend of mine asked if I could sew a very, very tiny skirt. Her question led to a new project. Her friend needed someone to provide TLC for a precious ballerina music box. Thus ensued a grand adventure of learning and problem-solving.

photo of vintage ballerina music box

For a music box that may have been around since the 1940s, it looks really good and I feel honored to have been invited to help with its renewal.

  • Replacement ballerina from a music box found on eBay
  • Replacement fabric for the stage from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco
  • Replacement paper flowers from my very own collection of trims

My client’s reaction when she saw the finished piece? Priceless.

I created this video, tiny ballerina, to share the story from beginning to end in 30 seconds. (The time frame for this project was much longer. I encountered Resistance, especially when it came to taking the music box apart. A clever friend helped me with that part of the project, right in the middle of his work day.)

The part of the story that is so wonderful is this: Once again I am made aware of how Angels arrive in my life to help me through fear and resistance and feeling unsure and I rejoice!

xo, Nancy

(You can make a video of your own at Animoto)



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