inching forward.

photo of bodice on model 1The bodice, basted and taped (yes, taped with Scotch tape to hold the pleats), with sleeves….

On Friday, I stitched it together and then ran away. Literally! I couldn’t look. I set the little bunch of fabric that was now a bodice with sleeves on the ironing board, turned off the light, and left the studio.

Would it fit? Or would I have to start over? 

All over. Again.


close-up photo of bodice on model

Today I am feeling brave. I adjust the layers and try the bodice on my model.

Yes, there are problems. I have to undo the basting for the sleeves and reset the yoke. I should adjust the fit along the right side. But I can take each step as it comes. That is not as overwhelming as starting over.

So, I am inching forward. Bit by bit. Pleat by pleat. Stitch by stitch.

xo, Nancy


life. in pleats.

photo of pattern drafting with pencil and rulerOn to the bodice. I need to find the best way to re-create the pleats in this gown, first in the bodice, and, later, in the skirt. I have traveled this path before. And I gave up. I want to give up again because I keep trying and the solution is just not coming. Draft. Fit. Redraw. Fit. Take a break. Rework. Consider. Think.

Instead of sewing in little spaces of time that present themselves, I turn my attention to finding a pet sitter for Chloë and rearranging all the files in my office. I watch hair styling tutorials on YouTube.

Now it has been several days since I had the fabric in my hands. Resistance is strong, trying to win.

So, before I start work today I do two things. I procrastinate. And then I call a couple of friends who understand. I announce to them that Resistance will not win. Not today.

I set aside drafting and move on to draping the bodice fabric. If I could cross my fingers, I would. But that makes it really hard to sew.

Finally, progress!

And a text from a friend: “Sloth doesn’t sound as elegant as procrastination. Just saying…”

O, dear. So true! I just want everything to fall into place. Pleats as a metaphor for life! Things don’t just fall into place, not without action. I’m grateful I fought resistance and sloth last week and made a phone call. I love our new pet sitter! The files are another story. But my husband says my hair looks great and I actually made some progress today with my sewing project. Without action, there could be no progress, however slight. Just saying…

xo, Nancy

photo of under bodice

photo of fabric draped on model


another photo of draping fabric on model

photo of draped and basted bodice


photo of front and back bodice pieces ready to sew