inching forward.

photo of bodice on model 1The bodice, basted and taped (yes, taped with Scotch tape to hold the pleats), with sleeves….

On Friday, I stitched it together and then ran away. Literally! I couldn’t look. I set the little bunch of fabric that was now a bodice with sleeves on the ironing board, turned off the light, and left the studio.

Would it fit? Or would I have to start over? 

All over. Again.


close-up photo of bodice on model

Today I am feeling brave. I adjust the layers and try the bodice on my model.

Yes, there are problems. I have to undo the basting for the sleeves and reset the yoke. I should adjust the fit along the right side. But I can take each step as it comes. That is not as overwhelming as starting over.

So, I am inching forward. Bit by bit. Pleat by pleat. Stitch by stitch.

xo, Nancy


2 thoughts on “inching forward.

  1. Reading your posts makes me, pause, embrace myhumanness.

    Dig the titles, the bits of recovery wisdom interwoven w/ your process, and pure charm. xos “Compassion, , compassion, compassion.”-The Dalai Lama


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