atrasado. behind schedule.

In my last post, inching forward, I spoke about being brave. That was a month ago. Unexpectedly, I was interrupted for an entire week after one of the kitties at the animal shelter where I volunteer bit me. For all concerned, it was an unhappy situation. My friend reminds me that thank goodness the cat didn’t bite a child. My prayer, to be guided and protected, was answered. I have recovered and am back to work. But I am behind schedule.

photo of bodice on model

The bodice, with new sleeves that I must admit I LOVE, finally has the shape I want. People close to this project know how long success with this eluded me. The embroidery to come will alter it a bit. However, the embroidery enhances the bodice, it does not make the bodice.

Now my focus turns to the overskirt. Aye, there’s the rub! Picture this: I have a pattern for the underskirt (done in turquoise goods) and I must cut it apart to only put it back together in an entirely NEW shape.

photo of skirt progress on modelBut it is a beginning. And beginnings are good.

I make a start. My pace slows when my mind struggles with the undoing and the redoing. I tell myself, Keep going. Take breaks. Love the process. And notice, once in a while, from whence you’ve come. Progress!

xo, Nancy


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