what i know of patience

this ivory and turquoise ball gown project spans years. it started with a phone call and an exchange of photos.

gifts of friendship, patience, acceptance, perseverance, creativity followed.

at times I have concluded that bringing about a quarter-scale replica of my client’s ball gown required skills beyond my reach.

and yet, here i am. I have a client who believes in me. I have friends who believe in me. Who am I to doubt when I am standing in the light of all that love?

what I know of patience is the absence of shame in moments of quiet waiting, the willingness to listen for answers when my ego wants me to believe I have failed.

I visited Britex in San Francisco again on Monday. I tendered my request for help by offering a swatch of fabric in my outstretched hand. My assistant found beaded lace in the exact color and design needed to re-create the appliques on the overskirt of the gown.ImageLeft: original ball gown ~ Right: the new lace on top of the fabric for the replica.

to create the look of the original, I’ll separate out flowers and leaves from the lace and apply them onto the skirt, like they did on the original gown. Then, I’ll add embroidery above and below those appliques to make them look like the designs on the original.

my true and overarching lesson from all of this may yet come but for now I’m aware of not questioning how long the project is taking. I can say this only when accompanied by a great big thank you to my client who has exhibited an abundance of patience!

xo, Nancy


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