blue samba.

I tried twice to get the right color for the detail embroidery on the turquoise/ivory gown. I use Kreinik braid, which is difficult to find. Searching online became my best solution. I found a splendid online store called where I was able to find all the possible Kreinik floss in a myriad of colors.

When I received the first order, the color was not quite right. Ever since I started Doll Fancier, my goal to provide top quality in all that I do guides my choices. So, back to the color chart and another order. The second trial proved a charm! O, yes!  Kreinik named this one “Blue Samba” and it sparkles. More importantly, it matches the color of the lace.

close-up of new embroidery

The project moves another step closer to completion. And I do a happy dance, right here in the studio.

xo, Nancy