blue samba.

I tried twice to get the right color for the detail embroidery on the turquoise/ivory gown. I use Kreinik braid, which is difficult to find. Searching online became my best solution. I found a splendid online store called where I was able to find all the possible Kreinik floss in a myriad of colors.

When I received the first order, the color was not quite right. Ever since I started Doll Fancier, my goal to provide top quality in all that I do guides my choices. So, back to the color chart and another order. The second trial proved a charm! O, yes!  Kreinik named this one “Blue Samba” and it sparkles. More importantly, it matches the color of the lace.

close-up of new embroidery

The project moves another step closer to completion. And I do a happy dance, right here in the studio.

xo, Nancy


progress. in pictures.

There is a sense of traveling downhill now, a sense of really actually possibly reaching my goal. I look at the partly completed gown with its pleated bodice, its 3/4 circle skirt draping just so, and the beginnings of an embroidered over-skirt at the doll’s feet, and I of partly completed gown

The over-skirt, with its lace medallions, pinned pleats, and sparkling beads hint at completion.

photo of the lace medalions on overskirt

There is still work to be done. But the possibility of completing a project that almost undid me lifts my spirits. I no longer feel the frustration, the loss, the self-doubt. All of that has been replaced with beautiful joy that accompanies getting to do the work and recognizing the power in the process.

photo of the items I use to embroider the designs on the overskirt

thank you, dear reader, for joining me on my adventure.

xo, Nancy

atrasado. behind schedule.

In my last post, inching forward, I spoke about being brave. That was a month ago. Unexpectedly, I was interrupted for an entire week after one of the kitties at the animal shelter where I volunteer bit me. For all concerned, it was an unhappy situation. My friend reminds me that thank goodness the cat didn’t bite a child. My prayer, to be guided and protected, was answered. I have recovered and am back to work. But I am behind schedule.

photo of bodice on model

The bodice, with new sleeves that I must admit I LOVE, finally has the shape I want. People close to this project know how long success with this eluded me. The embroidery to come will alter it a bit. However, the embroidery enhances the bodice, it does not make the bodice.

Now my focus turns to the overskirt. Aye, there’s the rub! Picture this: I have a pattern for the underskirt (done in turquoise goods) and I must cut it apart to only put it back together in an entirely NEW shape.

photo of skirt progress on modelBut it is a beginning. And beginnings are good.

I make a start. My pace slows when my mind struggles with the undoing and the redoing. I tell myself, Keep going. Take breaks. Love the process. And notice, once in a while, from whence you’ve come. Progress!

xo, Nancy